Marjorie Cranston's Wearable Art
Designed and Manufactured from
Artist Marjorie Cranston's original artwork!

P O Box 1870
1030 Grand Avenue
​Grand Lake,CO 80447
FAX:  (970) 627-8222
PHONE:  (970) 627-8111
​MOBILE:  (970) 531-8845

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Welcome to the Store for Marjorie Cranston's Wearable Art! You will find these beautiful garments to be comfortable, stylish, and original. Based on the artwork of Marjorie Cranston, each piece is a work of art in itself. Choose the style you like, then click over to see the different artwork selections of each style. If there is something that you like, but don't see on the following pages, give us a call! We can custom order any style you like with the artwork design you love! Marjorie's artwork designs are shown on the  Gallery Pages.

The Sleeveless Cowl-Neck Top

The Cowl-Neck Top

The Wrap

​The 3-Way

​The Tunic

The Sleeveless Sport Top

​The Jacket

The Microfiber Dress with Artwork on Yoke

The Sleeveless Hi-Low Tunic 

​The Hi-Low Tunic with 3/4 Sleeves

​The Microfiber Tunic with Artwork on Yoke